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September 9, 2012
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Bionicle MOC: Wretched Stare And His Computer Desk by 3rdeye88 Bionicle MOC: Wretched Stare And His Computer Desk by 3rdeye88
I present to you WRETCHED-STARE AND HIS COMPUTER DESK 2.0! :la: This update is for both Wretched himself, the computers, and the desk. Everything about the previous form of all these things had some attention paid to them. The only things to remain the same are his little desk fan, and the action figure collection(not much I could do about those really) There are also a few notable additions to Wretched's Arsenal of PC Gaming and Hacking nirvana.

Added features:
  • Head set.
    Wretched-Bones(AKA Greg) once told me that he practically lives in his headphones, so comfortable ones are needed for him. This inspired me to include a head set for Wretched.

  • Coffee Mug(more like oil drum ) Complete with coffee in it. It spilled when he freaked out about his desk top crashing.   Coffeecup 

  • Dual Mini-Fridges.
    This was a feature I wanted to add to the first iteration of Wretched's actual desk
    (not counting that puny thing I made for him at first). Inside the top fridge are some energy drinks. These are the canisters that used to be on Wretched's belt, which I did away with because it felt more in the way than useful now that he's got a Mini Fridge and new weapons. The bottom fridge has some kind of "Xtreme" snacks. :shrug: Yay using printed tiles. :dummy:

  • Printer.
    Pretty much any PC user needs a printer at some point for something. So I felt his desk wouldn't be complete without one. I wasn't just content with a printer, that would have been to simple for Wretched. Everything he owns is upper class high tech. So he needed at least a printer/scanner. Considering how big this desk is, I'm surprised at the fact this is the most SNOTy part of the build. It was a bit of a technical challenge getting something that looked right, didn't look too blocky or bulky, but also worked. Sadly, paper could go through it but only if its 2 studs wide, though it looks as though it should handle 4 studs wide. Oh well still looks awesome in my opinion.

  • Desk Drawer.
    Something I first did on Matteo's Desk Lego System MOC: Matteo's Desk by 3rdeye88, but expanded upon with Wretched.'s. Now he has a place to keep his rocket Launcher. :giggle:

  • Dual Wielded "Data Blades."
    I decided that butter knife I gave Wretched before wasn't acceptable now that he's getting all these badass upgrades. So I sought out to find him a new weapon. I was initially going to go with a Hack Hammer, but this just kinda worked out for the better. Greg while a really great tech dude who knows his stuff about computers, also studied martial arts when he was younger
    , so he's told me his preferences for weapons are axes, hammers and daggers. Well these are too big to be daggers so they're data blades. It was daggers that inspired me to try something and the skrall blades just happened to really fit his look I think. Plus getting the color scheme in the weapons was pretty cool toMore on these in his Bio

  • Desk.
    Its kinda obvious that the desk itself is actually different. The middle section with the grated plates are from the original desk though. I thought those looked cool so I kept them.

  • Chair.
    The chair is somewhat the same as before. It was always a bit too tall for wretched so I shortened it by one round 2x2 Trans-neon-Green brick. I added some 1X2 tiles to give it some color. Then I redid the bottom rollers to be actual wheels that spin, not just black Beveled gears. It rolls a lot smoother now. You should see Wretched going WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE around my kitchen table, its quite funny. :lol:

  • PC tower.
    With the new desk being bigger and taller that allowed for more room to have a bigger PC tower, so now its bigger and has two Disc Drives in it, how fancy. :D:D:D

  • Monitors.
    Its pretty much the same exact design as before just tripled. What serious gamer doesn't have at least a gagillion monitors? Greg does. My Office 2014 by Wretched-Bones

  • Keyboard.
    Moved some things around to try and make it look like it'd be back lit.

  • Mouse.
    It has a mouse pad now, nothing special, just something to add a little more color to the desk.

  • Speakers
    Mostly the same but now they're mounted on the shelf

  • Laptop.
    I reworked the Laptop on both sides. Its now running Windows8, and like any sane being with half a brain...Wretched hates it. :XD: This was actually Greg's idea. When I told him I didn't like the way I did the computer screen using printed tiles, he suggested the basic colored square thing. Which was genius(Go Greg) 

Wretched Stare is a member of the Skakdi race. Wretched is perhaps one of the tamer of the Skakdi, but that's not saying much. He can still be characterized as "quite prickly." Wretched spends 90% of his time in doors at his computers and other technological devices. Even amongst the Skakdi he's a bit of an oddball. He plays games and sits in a dark room in front of screens instead of fighting and doing the many various malicious things Skakdi are know to do. Because of this his fellow skakdi think him odd. Once Wretched is in "manual butt kick mode" as he calls it he can be competent fighter, though he's not the most strong or fastest. Outside of battle he can be a bit of a bumbling goof.

Wretched-Stare utilizes his vast knowledge of technology to aid him in fighting. This can be seen mostly through his use of hi "Data Blades." These unique weapons have an energized core that can transmit bits of code into a being to disrupt it mentally and physically. The code can overload and kill weaker beings or simply paralyze stronger beings. Zakaz, the island the Skakdi live on is pretty barren with many fortresses dotting the landscape. Wretched holds up in a smaller fortress of his own employing small drones to keep a look out and fend off any intruders. When those don't work, he'll refer to his "manual butt kick mode," meaning he has to get off his butt and go take care of the problem himself. Being a Skakdi, Wretched has worked for the Dark Hunters. He joined the Dark Hunters to gain access to high grade equipment and technology since Zakaz had little to nothing to offer him.

Being skilled at identifying talent and potential, the dark hunters didn't really utilize his ability as a fighter, but exploited his wealth of knowledge with computers to help many of the other mechanically or technological savvy members develop new weapons for the Dark Hunters. Though he would never hand over the schematics for his Data Blades. This lead to some growing tension between him and some of the other Dark Hunters and a fight broke out amongst them. Many of the experiments they were working on were destroyed and Wretched ended up killing several of the participants. None of the other developers questioned his authority after that and he became the leader of the R&D department within the Dark Hunter's Guild.

Update(2/2/13)Wretched has a new setupLego System MOC: Wretched Stare's Desk by 3rdeye88
Wretched Stare is a guest MOC for my friend :iconwretched-bones: AKA Greg He was formerly known as Wretched Stare which I thought was a cooler name, but not as cool as Knight-Terror which was his old name. However, I felt Wretched Stare fits for the name of a MOC best out of all three.

About The MOC
I made this MOC in dedication to Greg because he's such a cool guy. He's made numerous art pieces as well as all the icons I use. So I felt he was deserving of a guest/self MOC that wasn't lame like my first attempt Bionicle MOC: Wretched-stare 1 by 3rdeye88 So technically this would be Wretched Stare Proper and the first one would be a prototype I guess. Last time Greg had me go in the direction of a Hellghast, but this time didn't give me any creative direction, "I would rather if you did it be 100% from your creativeness.
I would love to see what you come up with. :) " Well Greg, this is what I came up with. If you were a bionicle you'd be a multi-computer-using badass Skakdi(though not with reidak's face).

Wretched is a Skadi Mercenary for the Brotherhood of Makuta. He tries to move up in the ranks but for as much as he tries to pass himself off as a super tough guy, he's really kinda a goof. He's better suited at working magic on his laptops instead of fighting, so other Brotherhood members, Makuta or even Toa don't really take him seriously.
WS is equipped with an energy blade sword, gauntlet blaster shield which can double as knuckle dusters Energy stick(which he noms) and two canisters of a delicious beverage of his choice. He's also got some nifty office furnature. :D

Creating the MOC
This thing was kinda a pain in the ass. There was a lot of back and forth with it, meaning that I'd build it up, then tear it down and redo parts. I actually had finished legs on him and then said "nah this doesn't work" and changed them and the hip to allow for better movement. As I was building him I was thinking of this being my truly official Self MOC, but I knew I needed to make something for Greg. I was thinking I could call him "Wretched Eye" and he be both our self MOCs, but that idea just seemed lame the more I thought about it. So screw it, this is Wretched Stare, and Matteo is my official self MOC. WS is one of the "items" on my list of MOCs I'd like to make. This accomplishes the "build a MOC in my favorite color scheme" objective. :iconsuccessplz: Greg has made several art renders in this scheme, like DotzDotz by Wretched-Bones which I used for the background, as well as his own ID's so he must like it to. :D

Once I knew this was going to be Greg's MOC for sure I knew it needed something he couldn't go without, at least two laptop computers. Seriously, the guy is a tech junkie and has a bunch of cool machines. I shoulda also made a small little smart phone or something, wouldn't have been that hard to do I guess. Oh well. After I made the laptops I realized while taking pictures that he'd need somewhere to sit and use at least one of them, then that's when the idea hit me. BIONICLE OFFICE FURNITURE! :la: I particularly like the chair. I think this is something I'm gonna have to explore further. :iconponderplz:

I'm not entirely sure if I'm gonna keep this MOC together. I really like it and am happy with it, but it sucked up a lot of parts from Mechus and I don't know if I wanna free em back up or leave him as a permaMOC and just use what ever's left. So I'll go ahead and turn critiques on on this one. :) I won't even say "hope you like it Greg" cause I know you will. I'm pretty damned happy with it. I'm a little jelly its not actually my self MOC. :lol:
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3rdeye88 has created a moc that is not only epic but just outright fricking hilarious as well!

With a color scheme that is way out there, this moc really pulls it off in both a frightening yet comical way. Not only that, but the desk just one ups the funny factor making it that much more laughable.

The armoring of the character is very well executed in both design and complexity. My only slight issue with the technique executed in this moc is with the green toa nuva chest armor pieces used for the upper back leg armor. My problem is not with the color, its with the shape of the armor pieces. Maybe trying something differently shaped or more custom might make it look better.

Other than that This moc is perfect in my opinion.

What do you think?
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3 out of 12 deviants thought this was fair.

Well here we are agian witha nother brilliant looking moc from 3rdeye88.

The first thing to note on this moc is the obviouse colour which is very striking at afirst but on further inspection is revealed to be well executed and brilliantly pulled off. Having such bright and 'daring' colours together can sometimes have disastrous and other-wise ghastly consequences but here this is not a problem. The black base and outer armour works seemlessly with the more abundant green and just tipped of with a few purple highlights. A great choice of colours executed in a stunning fashion.

The build is quite good here too. Non conventional limbs are constructed to great effect and shows creative usage of pieces available. The Skrall masks work great as thigh and uper leg armouring but I miust protest on the use of Nuva chest plates as upper back-leg armour. The colour does work well but as the wider chest area points to the top of the thigh on the Nuva piece, it exagerates the upper legs a bit too much in my opinion as spaces them farther from the body.
The overal chunky and heavily built statature works brilliantly for this moc and this creation being a Skakdi only reinforces the cause of a large and more 'brutish' looking build.

The bio for this guy is comical and really adds character to him. Having such a powerful and notary, war-like race of the Skakdi having a 'nerd' unit really contrasts to great effect.
The furniture and various small accesories really add to the character and are cleverly constructed themselves.

Overal another fab moc from 3rdeye88 and a triumph for colour schemes. Congratulations on another ace piece ;)
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Okey, first of all, sorry about not saying too much of the MOC or the other ones you posted, those weeks are being horrible with all the work... I just wanted to say  I'm amazed with that desk. The CPU! The fridges! The printer! The drawers! THE CHAIR! I want one of those computer desks  so hard. <3

Amazing work, my dear! <3
3rdeye88 Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:lol: I think we all want this computer desk that was kinda the point of it to sort of be a dream desk but also something practical. Thanks Lianyu, I'm glad you like and want it. :XD:

And its okay about the commenting. People get busy, I understand. :)
randomemaster360 Mar 18, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Man this is one serious update, both for Wretched and his desk. And now that I can see Wretched better, I can see what you updated and he really looks cool. But that desk, with the three monitors , action figure display, slide case, photocopier and an awesome chair ! Instant fave.
3rdeye88 Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks RM360. I'm glad you like it. :D And I'm glad you can see what I changed. I'm going to leave the old version of wretched stare so people can go look at the old one to for a comparison. I need to update it to say its the old version though. :P
randomemaster360 Mar 22, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
No problem and alright.
Wretched-Bones Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Let me start off by saying that this MOC is great I love the level of detail and the colors contrast is balanced and I love it!

Now that frigging desk is AWESOME! I love the great job you did depicting everything I would like and currently have (I did have the mini fridge but it cost to much to run so I ousted it. ) The windows 8 on the laptop came out great all of the little things that give this great detail the mouse pad, coffee cup, little figures, keyboard etc.
I know this took time and effort Dave So thank you so very much.

I love the BOS on the monitors nothing pisses me off more than that fatal error mucking up your data lol

I wish my desk looked that cool and that chair is like the one I want next year for Xmass…
WOW all I can say is wow, you don't have to build MOC's to appreciate suck complexity in design and the backstory as always is cool and well written my friend. 

Honestly if you need the parts I understand, I have some great photos here of it.

I am loving this update! Thank you Dave :hug: You made what was a really shitty day for me into something happy.
3rdeye88 Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome Greg. I'm glad you really like it. :hug:

I remember you having a mini-fridge at one point. Well now your MOC's desk has two built right it. :D Thanks, it was your idea afterall I just had to try and arrange the tiles in columns of three, like the start menu. A printed decal would look cool to I suppose.

Well that was again out of necessity. I kept the little comic style strip in the collage as well. That was a big crowd pleaser before so it had to stay.

HAHA yeah that is a lot like the chair you want. I didn't even think about speakers in the chair though. Oh well I like the ones mounted on the desk. That looks more "installed" or high tech to me. I don't know how to describe it exactly. I just like where they sit and how.

Psssshhaw Man I don't need the parts. I ain't gonna put this much effort into rebuilding it just to tear it apart. I keep my MOCs together Greg, I'm used to the parts staying where they're at. Ever since I built Wretched he's been together. There was a nice healthy layer of dust on him before I took him down, a sign of old age for a MOC. You're crazy if you think I'm taking a MOC as awesome as him apart. He doesn't need one of those "start from scratch" revamps like Remaku did or Mototaur will. I don't think he's coming apart ever again. I fixed all the issues I had with him. :D As for the desk. Maybe in the future I'll come back to it when I have like a ridiculous amount of more intricate system parts and go more for a more involved desk technique wise. Like i said, the printer is about the most complex thing on here, maybe the tower after that. The printer uses what we call SNOT techniques. That stands for Studs Not On Top. That kind of stuff has gotten a lot easier with all the new bracket pieces Lego's produced in the last couple years. So I had some to make a decent little printer. As it is the desk is fairly simple and blocky, but that's okay, its lego.

Awwww. :( I'm so sorry to hear you were having a shitty day. :tighthug: what happened? I'm glad I made it better for you though. I'm also glad you changed your name and I just happened to want to work on 5pr1nt3r and that lead to working on Wretched to. It kinda worked out that both things happened relatively at the same time. The gods willed it Greg. :iconserious-plz:
Wretched-Bones Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I did, yep the mini-fridge was to much for my wiring to take with all the other things so it kept tripping fuses plus in the summer it and the AC cost way to much to run.  I am truly amazed at the level of things you can make big and tiny.

I when to the store the other day to pick up HF to make my first lego and was saddened they didn't have one set just chima,some military looking stuff, halo and nijago and like 100 girly lego stuff, walmart friggin sucks ass!  

I had a bad fall and hurt my back and then got stuck at the doctors for hours on top of everything else I rented Avengers from google play and some hacker shut all of google services down and I lost my purchase and been going back and forth to get my $14.99 back.
You shinned a light on a cloudy day thanksBro hug 

 Captain America Ironman Emote Hawkeye Emoticon  Thor Hulk Emote    VS  :iconultronplz:
3rdeye88 Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah I see why those kinds of things pull a lot of power. Wretched Stare probably has some kind of cool solar array on top of his fortress to power everything. Or maybe he's an invironmental jerk and uses rare energy crystals to power everything and when he's low he goes and raids other people's crystals. :shrug: Thanks buddy. Lego is awesome like that. you should see the things people on flickr Make. Would break your brain Greg.

SONOFAGODDAMNEDMOTHERFUCKINGBITCH!!!!! :angered: FUCKING WAL-MART!!!! Damnit! That sucks man. I've really wanted you to get some HF and see how you liked it. The military stuff and halo aren't lego though, that's Mega Blok, which sucks ass. If you're into Halo and stuff like that, they might be cool to have, but Megabloks are shit. They don't hold together all that well. They're really not the same thing quality wise. Well if they didn't have any either your Wal-mart really does suck, or they've been selling well. You can always try a Toys R Us. They're typically a few dollars more expensive, but they always have a better selection to. :( This bums me out.

This bums me out even more. :hug: I'm sorry to hear you had a bad fall. Hope you're okay Greg. As for Avengers, just torrent it, sheesh! If you stick to just movies, TV and music you should be fine. I've never had an incident from it. Its programs and other .exe files I stay away from. Fuck Google and their $15 bucks. I'd rather give that to Lego for a Hero Factory set. :D

That's gonna be awesome! Aren't they also adding ant man and a few others this time?
Wretched-Bones Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I need to look around more and brows Moc sites. 

I know I will have to when I can but it was like a one time shot my Mom was going to get it as a gift and now that opportunity passed because of fallmart!!!! :extremeshakefist: 

Its going to be awesome, Captain America 2 looks good as well, all the movies are leading up to Thanos and the infinity war.
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