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May 20, 2012
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Bionicle MOC: Melanthios 2.0 and Innenrrad by 3rdeye88 Bionicle MOC: Melanthios 2.0 and Innenrrad by 3rdeye88
This is my second attempt at my satyr, Melanthios. The first version of him can be found here.

About the MOC
The first version was simply too big to work for the Innenrrad, which left me wondering what to do with either MOC. So I scrapped the old one and went for a "less is better" approach. I actually toyed around with this idea of "slapping armor on a skeleton" a while back, way before I built the first Melanthios, but didn't take the idea seriously. After the failed attempt of the first one I toyed around with the idea again, but this time I had enough gunmetal armor to make the idea work a little better. I think this is the closest I'm ever getting to what I would consider a "typical Hero Factory build."
The fire pieces in the second row of detail shots for Melanthios are his "jump jets," Which I'll explain in his bio. Since he can fit into the innenrrad relatively easily and comfortably, I'm happy with him. He also fits the notion I was considering that he's kinda the "runt of the litter" in terms of the other Toa in the Defenders.

Melanthios is the only member of the Defenders of Virtue to request to be added to the team. Originally Atlas was the toa of Stone, sought out by Archimedes for his great might and capacity for energy, but Atlas was killed by Mototaur in a battle. When Archimedes traveled back to Atlas' village where he was met by Melanthios, Atlas' younger brother. Upon hearing this news Melanthios insisted that he join the team. Archimedes initially rejected him, but after a raid where Mototaur and a horde of bandits, rahkshi, and skakdi invaded the region and he witnessed Melanthios's abilities to Pilot an Innenrrad, defeat combatants much larger than him, and traversing the great plateaus with his jump jets, he accepted..
Melantios in combat
Melanthios uses three main tactics in battle. He has his Scimitar blades, his discus shield, taken from his fallen brother's armor, as well as his jump jets, which he uses often for extra or more intense maneuver. Melanthios can throw his discus shield for medium ranged attacks(yes, like Captain America, but where do you think they got it? Though it doesn't have the wonderful ability to miraculously return to him like CA's), and jump substantially high with his jump jets, gaining an advantage, as well as using a combination of his jump jets and discus shield to ram through objects or opponents.

The Innenrrad
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I have to say I really like this MOC, not because of the build itself but because of the bio. I'm pleased with how 3rdeye has managed to intertwine his characters in the story, and this makes Melanthios here more interesting.
The thing I don't like, however, is the complexity of the MOC. Obviously with the majority of the MOC made of Hero Factory parts this is bound to happen, but what I was actually expecting from the revamp of Melanthios was just a smaller version- retaining the same colour scheme and typical Bionicle parts.
Contrary to this, however, I feel I must give credit for how 3rdeye has changed Melanthios to have a story and a bit more of a personality. I am a large fan of his jump jets and shield, which are a nice touch. I also feel that he does fit well with the Innenrad, not in physical terms but in terms of character. It's interesting to see a faun riding a double version of one of these (I forgot the name) :[link]
Overall, the change to HF parts was slightly disappointing, but I do like Melanthios very much because of his overall character and how he works well with the Innenrad, a interesting MOC which deserves such an interesting pilot.
What do you think?
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Well, here we are again, reviewing stuff xD. I'll mainly stick with Melanthios for this review, as I think that enough has been said about the Innenrad already xD.

Melanthios as a moc seems pretty cool. I like your use of Hero-Factory parts alot. I do thinjk his head is off though. It should look meaner, to be honest and maybe be a little smaller. That being said, I can see why you used it, but I still am not very fond of it.

What really stands out on this creation is the compability with the Innenrad, and the ability to actually fit Melanthios inside that small kind of space. The part about the whole creation, is the biography you made for him. It's cool, refreshing and just nice to read, so props for that xD
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Davidpoet30 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012
how did you make the innenrrad
3rdeye88 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What do you mean? You'll have to be more specific. I made it the same way I made all my other MOCs, but if you could be more specific I could give you a better answer. :)
Davidpoet30 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012
where did the parts come from and also what is a moc i think it has something to to with original creation like maybe modified original creation and because of your work i have made alot of my own i plan in the next two days to have some pics up
3rdeye88 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh okay> That I can answer. :Aww: A lot of the parts came from an incomplete Hailfire Droid, including the wheels I also got some of the orange parts off of a furno bike. Then I just had the rest of the parts in my collection.

MOC stands for My Own Creation. This is anything not designed by lego or lego designers, Fan made lego creations basically.

That's good to hear. I'm glad you were inspired by my MOCs. I'd like to see what you've got when you post pictures. Let me know please. :)
Davidpoet30 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012
i will and each one of my creations has a class and i plan to make a rpg game with them i will do 12 after i have made all 12 then i will begin to sell them also after you see my pics please put a good word in for me to the groups that feature this stuff and let me know if you know of anyone that is willing to buy or is willing to trade because i have some parts i cant use and i am willing to trade them with others for parts i can use i wont stop making however i am limited on cash and so i have to be patient for all that i need to make them but i tell you it sure is fun
3rdeye88 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
MOCing is very fun. Well if you're trading parts maybe we can work something out. You and I are both in the US so shipping wouldn't be too difficult. A few bucks gets ya a pretty regular sized package through first class mail or a larger package through snail mail.

But whether or not your stuff is worth showing or buying or trading depends entirely on the quality of your builds. Its not easy work but if you put in the time and effort to make a good MOC, people might want em. I dunno. I'd have to see what you come up with first.

Also, do you know about Bricklink? Its where most MOCers who are serious about MOCing get the parts they need, if they have the money. Its an incredibly useful resource for MOCers. And you can get what you need relatively cheep.
Davidpoet30 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
really like how cheap and this does take alot of money to do i think i have sapen at least 200 dollars to make about 9 characters and one of em is an villian and have like pets for each and so thats is why i would like to sell them i guess my villian striker is on my page check him out and soon i plan to put up my heros
3rdeye88 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well it varies part to part and seller to seller, but sometimes you can get the parts you need for fractions of a cent in USD. Some parts are very common, some aren't, so sometimes that part you absolutely gotta have might set you back even as much as a couple of bucks. But If what you need is dime a dozen, you won't even pay a dime for that part. :P [link] this is the items for sale page. Go into the parts tab, and from there look up say technic parts or bionicle parts. The colors the part comes in is listed by little swatches of color, click on that and that takes you to the list of people selling that part in that color. It lists what they're charging, where they're from, and from there, you can click on the seller's name to go to their store page. it works a lot like Amazon.Com.
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