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Welcome and Thank You
Hello there, thank you for visiting my Deviantpage. If you've favorited or added me to your :+devwatch: then allow me to say thank you. I sometimes get a lot of traffic in bursts with new submissions so I may not personally thank you for the favorite or watch. But I want you to know that I do appreciate the support.

As for my followers. Thank you all for the continued support of my artwork. You all have made Deviantart such a wonderful experience for me. :wave:

The BML Standard

The BML Standard

Here at the BionicleMOCers’League, we strive to uphold a high standard for the MOCs that we accept. Of course ‘a high standard’ is incredibly qualitative, but here we’ve outlined five key attributes which will, hopefully, both define what makes a good MOC and help people whose MOCs may not make it into our gallery.

Creativity is, in my humble opinion, where most people fall short. The whole sticking-to-what-Lego-showed-you won’t get you any brownie points if you simply swap an armour piece here and there. Try using pieces where they wouldn’t normally be used, try to break free from the ‘skeleton plus armour’ building style that Lego has taught you, experiment with new pieces. How can you use a piece in a way that’s never been used before? Can you design something that the world hasn’t seen yet? It’s these clever additions that really give MOCs their spark.

We have to remember that MOCs aren’t static sculptures; their articulation allows them to move. It might be hard to show this in pictures, but how sturdy is your MOC? How strongly are the pieces attached together? Will it fall over or break when you move it? Some builds are made purely for aesthetics, in which case strength might not be a top priority, but if your MOC is able to pull off several different poses, it all adds to its character – in fact, you could even include good ol’ functions, like the early days of Bionicle!

Now, having a Toa with fully custom armour and weaponry is all fine and dandy, but what is a gallery without some variation? A good MOCer is one who can succeed in all areas: big and small, humanoid and creature, Bionicle and Hero Factory. Having a wide range of different styles makes your gallery vastly more interesting – people will get bored if they see the same mecha over and over again. There’s nothing wrong with a well-built Hero, but here at the BML we love accepting things of different shapes and sizes!

If anything, consistency is a factor that really gives a MOC flair. Does the MOC itself seem natural? Is the colour scheme sound? More advanced MOCers would go even further – what kind of texture does this MOC have? Organic or mechanical? Blocky or smooth? Intricate details or simplicity? Sometimes it's good to have colours spread equally around a MOC, while at other times it's best to focus them in particular areas. Equal (or intentionally unequal!) distribution of characteristics shows that a MOCer has paid attention to the design as a whole, and taken the entire picture into account.

Finally, the last hurdle which trips up far too many people is presentation. We understand that not everyone can afford fancy high-definition cameras, but you can still make an effort to make the background as clear as possible (or even create scenery!). Blurriness and backgrounds aren’t the only things that can ruin a good MOC, though. How many pictures do you want to show us? Several poses and angles, or one simple photo? Do you want to display them separately, or in a collage? This is, after all, deviantArt, where making good first impressions is essential.

Of course, no-one is perfect – that includes us BML admins. You also have to remember that everybody starts off as a beginner, so obviously you can’t expect fantastic results right from the get-go. I hope this advice helped you advance as a builder, or at least have a better understanding of the MOCing community. Thanks for reading, and happy MOCing!
Written by Rahiden


Bionicle MOC: Sayomi, The Toxic Lolita Girl by 3rdeye88
Bionicle MOC: Sayomi, The Toxic Lolita Girl
About The MOC
Sayomi is a MOC that was directly inspired by GoldenArpeggio's Requia. Aristocrat 02 - Lady of Order: Requia by GoldenArpeggio At first I was attempting to try and recreate her in my own way, but as soon as I started the MOC really took on a life of it's own and became something drastically different. I'm glad however as now instead of Sayomi being a guest MOC she's simply inspired by another talented and creative MOCer. The only aspects of Requia that made it into Sayomi is the Canister lid dress and the Invasion From Below Kaiju-head Bow. Instead of it being part of her hair I moved it to her back to replace the Non-purist Bow that is there. This also allowed me to do something different with the hair.

She ended up quite larger than I had anticipated, and might even be a little too big for the dress. Oh well, now its a Mini-skirt on her. :shrug: I still like it. The use of the IFB pod leaves coincided with the use of the "Brain Bug Boobs" which were the first feature besides what I already knew was going to go on her to reveal itself. Its funny how people say these parts are useless, I've got three MOCs with them on it now. :XD: I'm also glad I found a use for my Kaiju Pod Leaf bits to. Though I wish I had more of them. I could have done a layered fluffy dress if I did.

The biggest challenge with her was getting her limbs to be mostly white or light colors, and her face. At first I tried doing something similar to Pate-Ketongu's lovely ladies, but that didn't work for me. He builds their faces really simply and I felt she needed something more complex, so I fell back on a Kanohi Ruru as I felt it had an Asian look to it. I had to order it in Gray though because while I think Tan would have made a better skin tone, two things influenced this choice. First I would have had to order both the mask and most of the parts in her hands to make her exposed skin Tan. Secondly in this years Collectable Minifigure Line there's a Fig called "Spooky Girl" and her skin is light Gray. This is what made me feel most comfortable going with Light Gray for her skin tone as I view Sayomi as the Cyberpunk/Lolita flavor of a Goth Chick.

Once I knew I was going to have really bright colors on her, I decided she was going to be a kind of cyber Punk meets Gothic lolita, which is what inspired her hair. The rest is pretty typical of Lolita fashion. Thinking back on it, I probably should have done something involing the mixing of Old style technology or methods and new, so maybe her Tome and a modern looking handgun. Oh well I was pressed for time with Work leaving only my days off to work on her. Her accessories are a Spell book with a strap to carry it around, and an inverted Cross which I figured could be used in conjuring demons and channeling darker energies into the world. Plus I just like sticking that kind of stuff on my MOCs. =P The tome was inspired by MilleCuirs's wonderful work. I know the book is huge, but it just seemed so fitting having the nijago parts on there. I wanted to give her an umbrella, but nothing with the right shape was big enough.

Overall I'm satisfied with this MOC. I would have liked the shoulders to be narrower, but that wasn't avoidable since A) I needed HF bones that I could armor, and B/ her bosom set the overall width of her upper torso. If she did get a second version, it would be to change her accessories up, recolor parts, and to fix minor tweaks. My favorite thing about her is definitely her hair. I love the way that came out. :meow:

Sayomi, also known as "The Toxic Lolita" is a young spell caster who seems particularly drawn towards using darker magic and spells. Or that is, they're more drawn to her. While not inherently evil, she has succumbed to the darker forces she employes and yet battles at the same time. Being exposed to the horrors of what the dark arts are capable of, as well as being exposed to the seedy underworld of a dark spell caster has taken its toll on her. Now she acts as a dark mage for hire by both lawful and less than legitimate organizations. She strays away from the truly nasty businesses that are "in too deep for me" as she puts it. She's sort of an intermediary dark mage for hire basically. Ironically, being more in tune with the darker entities in the world, she often times is called upon for exorcisms and other occult religious ordeals as she can handle demons better than most priests. She favors these jobs as they're easy money, and she can sometimes employ the very demon she exorcizes into her service in lieu of vanquishing them. If they serve no use to her then she simply exorcizes and destroys the spirit and collects her pay.

Fighting Style: Sayomi isn't an overly physical fighter. She relies mostly on spell casting to be offensive and sometimes defensive. When she does have to get physical she'll cast a spell of integrity on the spell book itself and use it as a weapon. She'll also utilize lots of spinning kicks and punches thrashing her pigtails around, flinging the maces at the end of them all over the place. This creates a whirlwind melee attack that can be hard to defend against for untrained opponents. She's physically not very strong but with a few cleverly decided spells she can become more agile or strong for a short period of time. The biggest threat to an opponent is her offensive spells. These are by far her biggest asset and where she thrives the most. You can see her conjuring a dark flame spell in right hand main photo. Another particular favorite of her's is the "Blood tide spell" where a river of blood comes flowing from her tome to overwhelm the opponent. Low level demon and vile creature conjuring is also a common trait in her offensive tactics. This is primarily what she uses the inverted cross for. It allows her to channel more demonic spirits into physical form more easily than using just her spell book.  Sayomi keeps both of these ancient artifacts near her at all times.

Sayomi earned the name "The Toxic Lolita" for the variety of spells she likes to use. She tends to infect and imbibe her opponents with harmful or lethal effects or conjure nasty creatures in favor of more traditional and forceful energy based attacks. Though its not uncommon to see her also utilize energy based attacks when she has the strength to, she tends to lean towards incantations and conjuring spell casting. This leads her to be more resourceful and creative with her attacks and defenses. The fact that dark energies appear to be drawn to her gives her an advantage. It takes less energy to call upon an apparition than it does other spell casters and while they exert more energy in force based attacks, she's utilizing other entities strengths against her opponent. She has a very "vile" way about her. For an example she might use the "Cast of a thousand scarabs" spell to conjure an army of scarab beetles that form a cast around the opponent's body and eats them alive. You would think Mages would be used to things like that, but the image of something being eaten alive like that is more gruesome than it lets on. Simply put, her tactics in spell casting leaves few unphased for the first time.

That being said she rarely takes on other spell casters. She's still only an intermediary, and therefore sticks mostly to dealing with unmindful demonic forces and unruly apparitions(harmful ghosts). She rarely works with other spell casters, dark, light or indifferent as all but a few of the darker oriented spell casters have distanced themselves from her. The most human contact she has is the handlers, cloaked individuals that seek out the mage and contract them for the assignment. Other than that, working with the client, and the occasional partnership with a Mage willing to work with her, she leads a pretty solitary life.
My Halloween MOC is Done, should I post it now or Schedule it for Halloween?
34 deviants said Fella Waiting (Reactions) by Ehsan-m Wait till Halloween like you intended to.
6 deviants said :squee: POST IT NOW I'M IMPATIENT!!!
Wretched-Bones said the following:


Very poetic of you Greg.


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Welcome to my :devart: profile page :wave:
Most of you know that I am a Bionicle MOCer
For those of you that don't, I make sculptures
of various things using legos, and more
specifically Bionicle/Hero Factor parts.
Though I do use regular legos ligh you
Might be familiar with. The Term MOC
is an acrynym that stands for
My Own Creation.
This is a term we creators of original lego
sculptres universally(mostly) use as a term
for anything made by us and not officially
designed by lego or lego engineers.
So that's that.
I am also a musician. I play bass, drums
and a little bit of keybard and guitar
If you want to know more about that stuf
just ask me, and feelf free to ask me about
most anything you're curious about, or comment
on my Deviations or journals.
Overall I'm pretty friendly, unless given a reason
not to be. :) I hope to hear from you.

Thank you to anyone and everyone for favorites,
comments and watches.:iconthankyousignplz:

One thing that's very important to me that I don't really show here, music. I'm a musician and music is my soul. If I was somehow presented the choice of being able to make it as a successful musician, but the trade off is that I could never MOC again, I'd take it in a drum beat. I love music. And to show some of the music I love, here's some Stamps.

Tool Stamp by PockyPerson32Lateralus Stamp by IgnisAlatusNine Inch Nails Stamp by Ghostwalker2061nin stamp by josephhaubertMer De Noms Stamp by IgnisAlatusThirteenth Step Stamp by IgnisAlatusQueens of the Stone Age stamp by josephhaubertKyuss Stamp by AXL331Soundgarden Stamp by IgnisAlatusSilversun Pickups.Animated. by chaifoxRed Hot Chili Peppers Stamp by rlhcreationsAlice In Chains Stamp by IgnisAlatusRATM stamp by weirdofreako17Now you do what they told you... by TheHappySpaceman01System of a down by old-mc-donaldGodsmack by old-mc-donaldMeshuggah Stamp by Born-of-Wolves- I Listen To Post-Rock - by AbXorb

Now shut up and bond with me because we love awesome music.

My Halloween MOC is Done, should I post it now or Schedule it for Halloween? 

34 deviants said Fella Waiting (Reactions) by Ehsan-m Wait till Halloween like you intended to.
6 deviants said :squee: POST IT NOW I'M IMPATIENT!!!

Bionicle 2015's official reveal

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 9, 2014, 10:59 AM

*pinned entry*

There's been a video released telling the origin's of the new story. Check it out!

Its happening today! Bionicle is being officially unveiled at New York Comic Con.

I'll try and add what ever coverage of it pops up here in one journal for easy reference.

So far I've found an article from Brickset

And The Brickfan is reporting that there's an Exlusive NYCC exlusive Tahu Mask being handed out. You can also potentially win one by retweeting a post on Twitter. Details in Allen's article.

The Facebook Page for Lego Bionicle, has added new photos to its page. has just updated their site to include more content as well.

In the Message Boards there's an interesting forum thread that features images of all six new Toa masks.

To view the fullsized images check out the forum Link.
There's a bunch of other stuff going on in the message boards to, so there's plenty Bionicle goodness happening right now. Its a bit of an overload for this excited Bionicle MOCer. :eager:

Allen over at The Brickfan has compiled a nice article of the new images+the bios from if you'd like to see them all in one place.

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