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Welcome and Thank You
Hello there, thank you for visiting my Deviantpage. If you've favorited or added me to your :+devwatch: then allow me to say thank you. I sometimes get a lot of traffic in bursts with new submissions so I may not personally thank you for the favorite or watch. But I want you to know that I do appreciate the support.

As for my followers. Thank you all for the continued support of my artwork. You all have made Deviantart such a wonderful experience for me. :wave:

The BML Standard

The BML Standard

Here at the BionicleMOCers’League, we strive to uphold a high standard for the MOCs that we accept. Of course ‘a high standard’ is incredibly qualitative, but here we’ve outlined five key attributes which will, hopefully, both define what makes a good MOC and help people whose MOCs may not make it into our gallery.

Creativity is, in my humble opinion, where most people fall short. The whole sticking-to-what-Lego-showed-you won’t get you any brownie points if you simply swap an armour piece here and there. Try using pieces where they wouldn’t normally be used, try to break free from the ‘skeleton plus armour’ building style that Lego has taught you, experiment with new pieces. How can you use a piece in a way that’s never been used before? Can you design something that the world hasn’t seen yet? It’s these clever additions that really give MOCs their spark.

We have to remember that MOCs aren’t static sculptures; their articulation allows them to move. It might be hard to show this in pictures, but how sturdy is your MOC? How strongly are the pieces attached together? Will it fall over or break when you move it? Some builds are made purely for aesthetics, in which case strength might not be a top priority, but if your MOC is able to pull off several different poses, it all adds to its character – in fact, you could even include good ol’ functions, like the early days of Bionicle!

Now, having a Toa with fully custom armour and weaponry is all fine and dandy, but what is a gallery without some variation? A good MOCer is one who can succeed in all areas: big and small, humanoid and creature, Bionicle and Hero Factory. Having a wide range of different styles makes your gallery vastly more interesting – people will get bored if they see the same mecha over and over again. There’s nothing wrong with a well-built Hero, but here at the BML we love accepting things of different shapes and sizes!

If anything, consistency is a factor that really gives a MOC flair. Does the MOC itself seem natural? Is the colour scheme sound? More advanced MOCers would go even further – what kind of texture does this MOC have? Organic or mechanical? Blocky or smooth? Intricate details or simplicity? Sometimes it's good to have colours spread equally around a MOC, while at other times it's best to focus them in particular areas. Equal (or intentionally unequal!) distribution of characteristics shows that a MOCer has paid attention to the design as a whole, and taken the entire picture into account.

Finally, the last hurdle which trips up far too many people is presentation. We understand that not everyone can afford fancy high-definition cameras, but you can still make an effort to make the background as clear as possible (or even create scenery!). Blurriness and backgrounds aren’t the only things that can ruin a good MOC, though. How many pictures do you want to show us? Several poses and angles, or one simple photo? Do you want to display them separately, or in a collage? This is, after all, deviantArt, where making good first impressions is essential.

Of course, no-one is perfect – that includes us BML admins. You also have to remember that everybody starts off as a beginner, so obviously you can’t expect fantastic results right from the get-go. I hope this advice helped you advance as a builder, or at least have a better understanding of the MOCing community. Thanks for reading, and happy MOCing!
Written by Rahiden



Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Welcome to my :devart: profile page :wave:
Most of you know that I am a Bionicle MOCer
For those of you that don't, I make sculptures
of various things using legos, and more
specifically Bionicle/Hero Factor parts.
Though I do use regular legos ligh you
Might be familiar with. The Term MOC
is an acrynym that stands for
My Own Creation.
This is a term we creators of original lego
sculptres universally(mostly) use as a term
for anything made by us and not officially
designed by lego or lego engineers.
So that's that.
I am also a musician. I play bass, drums
and a little bit of keybard and guitar
If you want to know more about that stuf
just ask me, and feelf free to ask me about
most anything you're curious about, or comment
on my Deviations or journals.
Overall I'm pretty friendly, unless given a reason
not to be. :) I hope to hear from you.

Thank you to anyone and everyone for favorites,
comments and watches.:iconthankyousignplz:

One thing that's very important to me that I don't really show here, music. I'm a musician and music is my soul. If I was somehow presented the choice of being able to make it as a successful musician, but the trade off is that I could never MOC again, I'd take it in a drum beat. I love music. And to show some of the music I love, here's some Stamps.

Tool Stamp by PockyPerson32Lateralus Stamp by IgnisAlatusNine Inch Nails Stamp by Ghostwalker2061nin stamp by josephhaubertMer De Noms Stamp by IgnisAlatusThirteenth Step Stamp by IgnisAlatusQueens of the Stone Age stamp by josephhaubertKyuss Stamp by AXL331Soundgarden Stamp by IgnisAlatusSilversun Pickups.Animated. by chaifoxRed Hot Chili Peppers Stamp by rlhcreationsAlice In Chains Stamp by IgnisAlatusRATM stamp by weirdofreako17Now you do what they told you... by TheHappySpaceman01System of a down by old-mc-donaldGodsmack by old-mc-donaldMeshuggah Stamp by Born-of-Wolves- I Listen To Post-Rock - by AbXorb

Now shut up and bond with me because we love awesome music.

When I get back to MOCing: 

15 deviants said :new:I should work on a new project based on ideas I got from Bricks By The Bay
14 deviants said old man lol by xuae I should revamp an old MOC that's been gone a while(No its not Mototaur)
2 deviants said :grump:I should stop asking you these silly questions

Hero Factory(IFB-Wave 2) Review-Crystal Beast

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 17, 2014, 4:53 PM
Hot on the heels of my first review of this year's Hero Factory sets I bring you another one, this time from wave two of Invasion From Below since I was fortunate enough to make it to the brand store where they had them. This time I have
44026-Crystal Beast Vs. Bulk..


  • Recolors
    I think recolors is ultimately why anyone is interested in this set. There's four recolors here, the second shortest bone piece in Trans Light Blue, as well as the head in the same color(with printing on it, and the Savage planet spikes. While its less obvious the Pneumatic Hose connector is now included in a few Hero Factory sets for the first time this year, and comes in dark bluish gray, which is very useful considering it will make a valuable asset for hand constructions and other transitions from technic to bar and clip elements. The main focus and appeal of this set though is most likely the Bone piece in Trans light blue. This set contains 5 of them, with the only other sets containing it are an polybag set and  CHI Vardy from the Legends Of Chima Sets what have been strongly rumored to have been canceled for North American release or distribution. The Savage Planet spike hasn't been indexed into Bricklink yet to include the new coloration so that means its new to this year. From what I can tell of the sets that have been released in Hero Factory, this is currently the only set to feature the new coloration of the spike pieces. As if this guy wasn't worth getting for the parts as it was. :wow:

  • Print on Crystal head
    This is definitely a subjective opinion, but I think the printing on the crystal part is better than the others. It doesn't so obviously look like eyes to me and against the swirls of color and light coming through the trans light blue of the head the printing doesn't stand out so much on this particular head as it does the two heads I have from Splitter Beast. I would say MOCers could easily get away with using this part as ice or crystal armor with out having the eyes being too obvious. I consider any element with printing where its vague enough to be repurposed to be a plus. :thumbsup:)

  • Minifig Blaster.
    Okay, now these things are just fun. These blasters are new to this year but are not unique to hero Factory. What I love though is that all of lego got a new minifig part and instead of having to wait a year or two before we saw it in Hero Factory it was included at the same time. Thanks Lego, commendable effort on this new part. It really works. The blast shoots any element with a solid stud. They supply trans green 1X1 round plates and those work the best but it even popped off the 4X4 round dish from the street lamp on my Splitter Beast with decent force. it didn't go sailing across the room like the stud, but that's to be expected. What I love about this little blaster is that it works for 1, 2 it allows you to build ammo. I stuck the  2x2 dish in there and sadly it doesn't work with element with open studs, but that was rectified by placing the dish on the stud and then firing that. So if you want a simple little "pew" you can use a stud, if you want a wave blast, stick a dish on the stud and there you go. And with the right parts you could build laser fire ammo to. Its a little Minifig blaster that works with the core principals of Lego, how can you not love that? Better yet, all the wave 2 sets have them

  • Pod/pedal piece
    The new part contained in wave 2 sets are those pods. The part itself is pretty cool. I like how the part flexing and poping out is actually an intended function of the part and is marketed. The Brain Bugs from last year's sets did a kind of popup thing to but I don't think that was intended. I just happened to stumble upon it when building my MOC The Cerberus Chopper. Bionicle MOC: Cerberus Chopper by 3rdeye88 On this part that functionality is actually part of the design and is even marketed on the packaging and instructions. Go Lego for utilizing rubber. :w00t:


  • Printed Chest Piece
    On the various beasts there's printed armor parts. While it can look pretty out of place on some, garnering what some might consider a Con I imagine that if one were to collect all the sets and then use all these elements together it would make for a nice cohesive aesthetic on a MOC without having to resort to stickers or custom painting. I think it adds a certain sense of collectability to the beast sets. But on their own it does look a little out of place I think.


  • Build
    I doubt this surprises anyone, but the build isn't very interesting. I don't think you could have a more standard beast construction than him. Crystal beast is definitely just a parts pack for MOCers, or a completion entry for collectors. There's nothing interesting about him build or technique wise.

The cons aren't too bad, the main thing this set has going for it that no other set has is the recolored bones, head, and spikes. That's unless you count the polybag set which as of writing this review still doesn't have many details behind it on how you can get it. Considering it probably won't be easy to get I'll just all together discredit it. The other aspects this set has going for it are things that all of wave 2 has going for it, the blasters and the new pod/pedal parts. Considering the price, if you want all the trans light blue, get the set, if you're just wanting the recolored spikes, I'd say bricklink those. Bulk comes in his own Machine, and the lime green pedals come in two other IFB wave 2 sets.

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  • Watching: Hell On Wheels
  • Playing: With Legos and my Camera
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  • Drinking: Generic Dr. Pepper.


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